Realizamos investigación de frontera e interdisciplinaria en oceanografía, abordando problemáticas científicas en forma integrativa y colaborativa.
Líneas de Investigación


Anthropogenic underwater vibrations are sensed and stressful for the shore crab Carcinus maenas*

Environmental Pollution | Volumen 285, Páginas 1-9

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Uncovering the Composition and Diversity of Pelagic Copepods in the Oligotrophic Blue Water of the South Pacific Subtropical Gyre

Frontiers in Marine Science | Volumen 8, Páginas 2-18

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Age dependent physiological tolerances explain population dynamics and distribution in the intertidal zone: A study with porcelain crabs

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Annual cycle of growth and population structure of the estuarine crab Hemigrapsus crenulatus (Brachyura: Varunidae) off central Chile.

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Eurythenes atacamensis sp. nov. (Crustacea: Amphipoda) exhibits ontogenetic vertical stratification across abyssal and hadal depths in the Atacama Trench, eastern South Pacific Ocean

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Environmental determinants of COVID‑19 transmission across a wide climatic gradient in Chile

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Aerobic and anaerobic metabolic scaling in the burrowing freshwater crayfsh Parastacus pugnax

Journal of Comparative Physiology B

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Flow cytometry with cell sorting and sequencing as a tool for the study of the stomach microbiota of the Humboldt Current krill (Euphausiacea)

Journal of Crustacean Biology | Volumen 41, Artículo ruab006

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A source of isotopically light organic carbon in a low-pH anoxic marine zone

Nature Communications | Volumen 12, Número 1604, Páginas 1-11

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The cyanobacterium Prochlorococcus has divergent light-harvesting antennae and may have evolved in a low-oxygen ocean

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Local and remote physical processes driving variability of the planktonic system in the Juan Fernández Archipelago: A multidisciplinary framework providing conservation insights

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Distribution and biodiversity patterns of hyperiid amphipods across the coastal-offshore gradient of the sub-tropical Southeast Pacific

The community structure of hyperiid amphipods associated with two seamount regions in the South-east Pacific

Journal of the Marine Biological Association UK (JMBA) | Páginas 1-12

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Mesoscale variability in the boundaries of the oxygen minimum zone in the eastern South Pacific: influence of intrathermocline eddies

Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans

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The Influence of pCO2-Driven Ocean Acidification on Open Ocean Bacterial Communities during A Short-Term Microcosm Experiment in the Eastern Tropical South Pacific (ETSP) off Northern Chile

Microorganisms mdpi | Volumen 8, Páginas 1-17

doi:10.3390/microorganisms8121924Diciembre de 2020

Early development and metabolic rate of the sea louse Caligus rogercresseyi under different scenarios of temperature and pCO2

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Environmental gradients and spatial patterns of Calanoid copepods in the Southeast Pacific

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Upwelling intensity modulates the fitness and physiological performance of coastal species: Implications for the aquaculture of the scallop Argopecten purpuratus in the Humboldt Current System

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Potential virus-mediated nitrogen cycling in oxygen-depleted oceanic waters

ISME Journal

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Genome‐resolved viral ecology in a marine oxygen minimum zone (OMZ)

Environmental Microbiology

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Water column circulation drives microplastic distribution in the Martínez- Baker channels; A large fjord ecosystem in Chilean Patagonia

Marine Pollution Bulletin | Volumen 160, Artículo 111591

doi:10.1016/j.marpolbul.2020.111591Noviembre de 2020

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Adsorption of polyethylene microbeads and physiological effects on hydroponic maize

Science of The Total Environment | Volumen 741, Artículo 140216

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A comparison of marine Fe and Mn cycling: U.S. GEOTRACES GN01 Western Arctic case study

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Intra‐seasonal hydrographic variations and nearshore carbonates system off northern Chile during the 2015 El Niño event

Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences | Volumen 125, Páginas 1-17

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Zonal and depth patterns in the trophic and community structure of hyperiid amphipods in the Southeast Pacific.

Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers | Volumen 165, Artículo 103402

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Size-Fractionated Contribution of Microbial Biomass to Suspended Organic Matter in the Eastern Tropical South Pacific Oxygen Minimum Zone

Frontiers in Marine Science | Volumen 7, Páginas 1-20

doi:10.3389/fmars.2020.540643Octubre de 2020

Fatty acid composition in the endemic Humboldt Current krill, Euphausia mucronata (Crustacea, Euphausiacea) in relation to the phytoplankton community and oceanographic variability off Dichato coast in central Chile

Progress in Oceanography | Volumen 188, Páginas 1-11

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Diel vertical migration into anoxic and high‐pCO2 waters: acoustic and net‐based krill observations in the Humboldt Current

Scientific Reports | Volumen 10, Páginas 1-11

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Genomic basis of the loss of diadromy in Galaxias maculatus: insights from reciprocal transplant experiments

Molecular Ecology | Volumen 29, Páginas 4857-4870

doi:10.1111/MEC.15686Octubre de 2020

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Factors controlling plankton community production, export flux, and particulate matter stoichiometry in the coastal upwelling system off Peru

Biogeosciences | Volumen 17, Páginas 4831-4852

doi:10.5194/bg-17-4831-2020Octubre de 2020

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A country's response to tackling plastic pollution in aquatic ecosystems: The Chilean way

Aquatic Conservation Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems

doi:10.1002/aqc.3469Octubre de 2020

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Distinct oxygen environments shape picoeukaryote assemblages thriving oxygen minimum zone waters off central Chile

Journal of Plankton Research | Volumen 42, Páginas 514-529

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Anthropogenic noise disrupts mating behavior and metabolic rate in a marine invertebrate

Proceedings of meetings on acoustics | Volumen 37, Páginas 1-12

doi:10.1121/2.0001302Septiembre de 2020

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Spatiotemporal Distribution of Key Pelagic Microbes in a Seasonal Oxygen-Deficient Coastal Upwelling System of the Eastern South Pacific Ocean

Frontiers in Marine Science | Volumen 7, Páginas 1-17

doi:10.3389/fmars.2020.561597Septiembre de 2020

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Carbonate chemistry dynamics in shellfish farming areas along the Chilean coast: natural ranges and biological implications

ICES Journal of Marine Science

doi:10.1093/icesjms/fsaa127Septiembre de 2020

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Tidally Forced Saltwater Intrusions might Impact the Quality of Drinking Water, the Valdivia River (40◦ S), Chile Estuary Case

Water | Páginas 1-18

doi:10.3390/w12092387Agosto de 2020

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Revealing enigmatic mucus structures in the deep sea using DeepPIV

Nature | Volumen 583, Páginas 78-82

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Unexpected source and transport of iron from the deep Peru Margin

ACS Earth and Space Chemistry | Volumen 4, Páginas 977-992

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Spatio-Temporal Variability of Chlorophyll-A and Environmental Variables in the Panama Bight

Remote Sensing | Volumen 12, Páginas 1-26

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Autotrophic carbon fixation pathways along the redox gradient in oxygen‐depleted oceanic waters

Environmental Microbiology Reports | Volumen 12, Número 3, Páginas 334-341

doi:10.1111/1758-2229.12837Junio de 2020

The role of the Magellan Strait on the southwest South Atlantic shelf

Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science | Volumen 237, Artículo 106661

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Response of phytoplankton assemblages from naturally acidic coastal ecosystems to elevated pCO2

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The Influence of Diapycnal Nutrient Fluxes on Phytoplankton Size Distribution in an Area of Intense Mesoscale and Submesoscale Activity off Concepción, Chile

Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans | Volumen 125, Páginas 1-20

doi:10.1029/2019JC015539Mayo de 2020

Greenhouse gas cycling by the plastisphere: The sleeper issue of plastic pollution

CHEMOSPHERE | Volumen 246, Artículo 125709

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Environmental costs of water transfers

Nature Sustainability | Volumen 3, Páginas 408-409

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Genetic tool development in marine protists: Emerging model organisms for experimental cell biology

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Loss of filamentous multicellularity in Cyanobacteria - the extremophile Gloeocapsopsis sp. UTEX B3054 retained multicellular features at the genomic and behavioral level

Journal of Bacteriology | Volumen 12, Páginas 1-15

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Monitoring the occurrence of microplastic ingestion in Otariids along the Peruvian and Chilean coasts

Marine Pollution Bulletin | Volumen 153, Artículo 110966

doi:10.1016/j.marpolbul.2020.110966Abril de 2020

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Testing for deterministic succession in metazoan parasite communities of marine fish

ECOLOGY LETTERS | Volumen 23, Número 4, Páginas 631-641

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Calicotyle hydrolagi n. sp. (Monogenea: Monocotylidae) infecting the deep-sea Eastern Pacific black ghost shark Hydrolagus melanophasma from the Atacama Trench, with comments on host specificity of Calicotyle spp.

Parasitology International | Volumen 75, Artículo 102025

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A review of the potential genes implicated in follicular atresia in teleost fish

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pH and other upwelling hydrographic drivers in regulating copepod reproduction during the 2015 El Niño event: A follow-up study

Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science | Volumen 234, Artículo 106640

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Universal Loop assembly (uLoop): open, efficient, and species-agnostic DNA fabrication

Synthetic Biology | Volumen 5, Número 1, Artículo ysaa001

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Marine invertebrate larvae love plastics: Habitat selection and settlement on artificial substrates

Environmental Pollution

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Microplastic ingestion cause intestinal lesions in the intertidal fish Girella laevifrons

Marine Pollution Bulletin | Volumen 151, Artículo 110795

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Zooplankton diel vertical migration and downward C flux into the oxygen minimum zone in the highly productive upwelling region off northern Chile

Biogeosciences | Volumen 17, Páginas 455-473

doi:10.5194/bg-17-455-2020Enero de 2020

Genetic diversity and novel lineages in the cosmopolitan copepod Pleuromamma abdominalis in the Southeast Pacifc

Scientific Reports | Volumen 10, Páginas 1-15

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Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) Events and Water Response in A Patagonian Fjord

Water | Volumen 12, Páginas 1-21

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Antagonistic interplay between pH and food resources afects copepod traits and performance in a yearround upwelling system

Scientific Reports | Volumen 10, Páginas 1-12

doi:10.1038/s41598-019-56621-6Enero de 2020


Editorial: El Niño-Southern Oscillation on a Changing Planet: Consequences for Coastal Ecosystems

Frontiers in Marine Science | Volumen 6, Páginas 1-2

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Multidisciplinary Observing in the World Ocean’s Oxygen Minimum Zone Regions: From Climate to Fish — The VOICE Initiative

Frontiers in Marine Science | Volumen 6, Páginas 1-22

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Seasonal Variability of the Southern Tip of the Oxygen Minimum Zone in the Eastern South Pacific (30°‐38°S): A Modeling Study

Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans | Volumen 124, Páginas 8574-8604

doi:10.1029/2019JC015201Diciembre de 2019

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Sublethal exposure to copper supresses the ability to acclimate to hypoxia in a model fish species

Environmental Pollution

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Relative importance of predatory versus non-predatory mortality for dominant copepod species in the northern Chilean (23°S) Humboldt Current System

Marine Ecology Progress Series | Volumen 630, Páginas 13-23

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Community structured production of zooplankton in the eastern boundary upwelling system off central/southern Chile (2003–2012)

ICES Journal of Marine Science | Páginas 1-17

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Towards integrating evolution, metabolism, and climate change studies of marine ecosystems

Trends in Ecology & Evolution | Volumen 34, Artículo 11

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Two new species of Acanthocotyle Monticelli, 1888 (Monogenea: Acanthocotylidae), parasites of two deep-sea skates (Elasmobranchii: Rajiformes) in the South-East Pacific

Parasites & Vectors | Volumen 12, Artículo 512

doi:10.1186/s13071-019-3756-5Octubre de 2019

Synoptic-scale variability of surface winds and ocean response to atmospheric forcing in the eastern austral Pacific Ocean, Ocean

Ocean Science | Volumen 15, Páginas 1247-1266

doi:10.5194/os-15-1247-2019Septiembre de 2019

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Impacts of reduced inorganic N:P ratio on three distinct plankton communities in the Humboldt upwelling system

Marine Biology | Volumen 166, Páginas 1-17

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Global perspectives on observing ocean boundary current systems

Frontiers in Marine Science | Volumen 6, Artículo 423

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The glass half-empty: climate change drives lower freshwater input in the coastal system of the Chilean Northern Patagonia

Climatic Change | Volumen 155, Páginas 417-435

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Subsurface Mesoscale Eddy Generation in the Ocean off Central Chile

Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans | Volumen 124, Páginas 5700-5722

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The impact of spring-neap tidal-stream cycles in tidal energy assessments in the Chilean Inland Sea

Renewable Energy | Volumen 139, Páginas 496-506

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Monitoring Microbial Communities in the Marine Environment

Cytometry Part A | Volumen 95, Páginas 717-721

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Greenhouse gases, nutrients and the carbonate system in the Reloncaví Fjord (Northern Chilean Patagonia): Implications on aquaculture of the mussel, Mytilus chilensis, during an episodic volcanic eruption

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Understanding Sea Level Change in the South Pacific During the Late 20th Century and Early 21st Century

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Identification assisted by molecular markers of larval parasites in two limpet species (Patellogastropoda: Nacella) inhabiting Antarctic and Magellan coastal systems

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Dominant scales of subtidal variability in coastal hydrography of the Northern Chilean Patagonia

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Interplay between freshwater discharge and oceanic waters modulates phytoplankton size-structure in fjords and channel systems of the Chilean Patagonia

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Sampling and processing methods impact microbial community structure and potential activity in a seasonally anoxic fjord: Saanich Inlet, British Columbia

Frontiers in Marine Science | Volumen 6, Artículo 132

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Linking social preferences and ocean acidification impacts in mussel aquaculture

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